Kooky Cotswold Tours is an independent tour company offering bespoke and off the peg Cotswold Tours. The Cotswolds is famous for honey coloured villages and rolling green hills but there’s so much more to it than that.

The Cotswolds is the kind of place where farmers drink with rock stars in the local pub, celebrity chefs swap secret recipes with housewives at the post office and all the servants on the country estates refuse to work Sunday night when Downton Abbey is on.

We’ll show you the stunning beauty of the countryside and the impossibly quaint and charming villages.  You’ll see the iconic sights and the hidden gems.  We’ll go inside country homes and visit spectacular gardens, we’ll venture down hidden lanes and peek behind the hedgerow.  It’s all rather kooky we’re sure you’ll agree.

kooky (ku ki) adj. Slang (characteristics of a kook; eccentric, strange or a little odd)