Kooky Cotswold Tours is an independent tour company offering tailor made tours of the Cotswolds designed to suit you.  Touring is our passion and the Cotswolds is our place – we’ll provide you with a truly unique tour of the Cotswolds that will surprise, delight and amaze you.

Wether you’re a couple, a family, a group of friends or a solo traveler; we will create an itinerary specifically for you.  Any size group, any time of year and any specific requirements you might have – we have solutions for all.

We are one of the longer established tour companies so we know the area better than most, but we never rest on our laurels and we’re also one of the more innovative.  We have a number of experiences and days out that differ from regular day tours, providing our guests with more immersive ways to experience this fascinating part of the world, which is why they return again and again.

Why are we ‘kooky’?  Get in touch to find out why..!